J-200 Features & Options

The J-200 Collection spas are comfortable, stylish and built for ease of use. The inside of a J-200 spa is designed for a superior hydrotherapeutic session. Each seat is crafted to fit your body, so you can relax while jets create an ideal warm-water massage environment. Styling details add to your comfort: easy-to-reach controls, built-in drink holders, and pillow headrests are standard features, and the J-230™ model even includes a full lounge seat.

Ease of Use. Designed for functionality and enjoyment, J-200 Collection spas are easy to operate. Topside controls provide quick and easy operation of the two-speed motor and an efficient yet powerful heater allows you to customize your hot tub experience. A top-loading filtration unit gives you easy access to the filter, as well.

J-200 Classic Spa Shell & Insulation Spa Shell & Insulation

Exclusive Trifusion System™ shell construction uses an innovative three-layer shell to provide superior strength and thermal retention, making Jacuzzi spa shells the strongest in the industry. Three layers are applied for durability: an acrylic layer, bonding layer, and a rigidizing layer. The combination of the shell and full-foam insulation offers maximum heat retention.

Spa Cabinetry

Durable and UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry provides your spa with the beauty of natural redwood.

Acrylic Shell Colors

The J-200 Collection offers a choice of seven acrylic spa shell colors and textures to match your style: Desert Sand, Sahara, Platinum, Sand, Cobalt, Bluegrass, and Graphite.

3 Available Covers

And of course, each spa comes with a sturdy, elegant cover - so that your J-200 spa looks just as handsome when not in use as when you are relaxing in it.