J-300 Signature Collection

Imagine the difference a Jacuzzi J-300 portable hot tub will make in your life. Find refuge from the pressures of work, take a break, or rejuvenate in the company of family and friends. Enjoy a spa-quality massage delivered by the numerous adjustable jets of a Jacuzzi FX10 Therapy Seat. Luxuriate in the unique feeling of water flowing over your shoulders from a Water Rainbow® waterfall. Listen to music generated by high-quality micro-speakers that are an integral part of Jacuzzi's remarkable new AquaSound™ stereo option. There's even an auxiliary MP3 jack for your iPOD®. So take a "wet test" at your Jacuzzi dealer to feel, hear and see all a J-300 portable home spa can do for you.


Learn more about the J-300 Signature Collection at your local dealership or you may also request a free brochure and DVD.

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