J-335 enjoy a therapeutic massage

Warming massage feels good, and it is therapeutic. Warm water in motion stimulates endorphins, the natural painkillers your body puts to good use in so many ways. The Jacuzzi FX10 Therapy Seat in the J-335™ (and other models) may be one of the best places on the planet to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. Every curve in the FX10 Therapy Seat has been designed to fit the body; each of the adjustable-stream FX Jets is positioned to direct water with precision and strength. Bonus: the J-335™ includes a lounge seat - another one of the world's best places to enjoy a hydrotherapeutic massage.

Key Features

  • Stainless-Steel Escutscheons optional
  • NEW curved-profile Water Rainbow waterfall with LED backlighting
  • ProAir™ Lounge with NEW BX Bubbler Jets
  • NEW ProLites™ Lighted Pillow Headrests