J-345 is the shape you want to be in

The new J-345™ hot tub is an improved version of what was already one of Jacuzzi's most popular hot tubs. Balanced in design and dimension, the J-345™ is loaded with PowerPro® jets and body-hugging seats. Like other models in the Collection, it has been fitted with new, brighter lighting, including illuminated pillows and cup holders, a redesigned waterfall and an improved filter shield. You can enjoy your J-345™ at a moment's notice, too, thanks to the ProClear™ Water Management System, which optimizes filtration. The advanced ProClear™ Ozonator option and the ProClear™ Natural Purifier work with the system to enhance the water quality, while minimizing chemical usage.

Key Features

  • New ProTemp™ In-Home Spa Status Display option
  • PowerPro® MX Jet Seating with calf-massaging FX
  • New Ergonomic Diverter Knob
  • New High Intensity Interior Spa Lighting