J-400 Features & Options

Your choices start with color: Jacuzzi builds high-quality durable shells in popular shades, with coordinating cabinetry and covers. We build the spa shells using an exclusive TriFusion System™ construction process which results in a product eight times stronger than conventional hot tub shells.

Choose from great options, too. The new AquaSound™ Audio System with Made for iPod® Docking Station, ProLites™ exterior lighting, the ProClear™ Ozonator system, and Jacuzzi Exclusives like steps, stools and surrounds. For more information about features and options contact your local dealer.

J-400 Designer iPod Docking Station iPod Docking Station

Jacuzzi is the first spa manufacturer to offer the iPod® Docking Station option on selected spas.
iPod Logo

J-400 Designer AquaSound Audio SystemOptional AquaSound™ Audio System

  • Made for iPod® Docking Station
  • Auxiliary 3.5mm MP3 jack
  • CD player
  • AM-FM radio
  • 4 waterproof micro-speakers
  • Floating remote control
  • J-400 Designer Imaginative Illumination Hot Tub Lighting

    The J-400 Designer Collection hot tubs feature coordinated lighting sources.

  • The WaterColour™ waterfall is lit by a rotating rainbow that can also be set to one color. It also works alone, without the jets on.
  • • The PowerPro® IX jet lights up the depth of the spa and shines on the surface for dramatic effect, highlighting the bubbles as they rise from the jet.

    • A lighted Jacuzzi logo inside the spa enhances the beauty of the spa's water against the polished acrylic surface, bathing it in subtle color.

    • Optional ProLites™ Exterior LED Accent Lighting brightens the area outside the hot tub.

    J-400 Designer Imaginative Illumination Hot Tub Circulation System

    J-400 hot tubs include new ways to keep water clean and clear. The ProStream™ Circulation System and a sophisticated, yet simple, three-step process help maintain the water's purity with fewer chemicals and less maintenance than other spas.
    J-400 Designer Imaginative Illumination Guaranteed to Rock

    1. ProClear™ Skimmer removes floating particles.

    2. The ProClear II pleated cartridge filter, embedded with patented anti-microbial Microban technology, works with the circulation pump to consistently clean the surface of the water and remove suspended contaminates.

    3. ProCatch™ polishing filter bag (shown in photo) removes sand and particles from the bottom of the spa during jet pump operation.

    4. Optional ProClear™ Ozonator utilizes corona discharge technology to safely produce three times the purifying ozone concentration level of standard UV-ozone systems.

    J-400 hot tubs put great ideas into circulation.
    The high-flow ProStream™ Circulation System cycles 35 gallons of water per minute through the pleated cartridge filter - moving water means cleaner water. The ProClear™ Filtration System includes three levels of filtration technology that remove impurities from the water. The ProClear™ Skimmer, the ProCatch™ polishing filter and the ProClear™ II Filter with Microban antimicrobial action work to purify the water by removing small suspended contaminants and particles.

    The energy-wise system is engineered to perform.
    56-frame pumps and a dedicated circulation pump provide an entire energy-efficient system that powers the jets and the water features. The control system senses the water temperature and automatically ensures that it is controlled to the desired comfort level. The quiet-running pumps allow you to enjoy the refreshing and soothing sounds of moving water, from inside and outside the spa.

    Choose a J-400 for minimal chemical usage and enhanced energy savings.
    The patented ProClear™ Ozone Injector by Jacuzzi works with the ProClear™ Ozonator option. Using corona discharge technology, this system effectively infuses a steady stream of ozone into the water to neutralize impurities for consistently superior water quality. A titanium heating element helps keep the water warm at a lower cost.